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The little things make all the difference. A new addition from the first wave of our hardware accessories is the M6 bolt with a key lock finished in burnt titanium.  The key is entirely unique to help prevent theft of valuable car mods like GT wings. To top it all off is our laser engraved logo on each screw. One order includes 8 bolts plus a key.

Bolt Specification:

  • 8 Bolts, 8 Nuts, 8 Washers + 1 Key per set
  • Burnt Titanium finish
  • M6 x 27mm Length
  • Bolt Torque Spec: 12ft lb Max
  • Stainless Steel 304


Streetoutcast products are sold as aftermarket products and we try our best to provide the best quality items on our end. Defects can exist and we are not immune to such occurrences. All modifications and installations are done at the customer's own risk and we do not hold any responsibility for failures including but not limited to mechanical and electrical. No specific torque specs are required. Please use the specs that would be considered safe for your applications.


Titanium is sensitive to bare hands and can stain without outerwear like gloves. To clean titanium properly, use bleach wipes or a soapy water mixture with a microfiber towel.

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