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We are always looking to push our boundaries in hopes to bring fresh and exciting products to you guys. In a continued line of firsts, we are releasing our first hardware for your car and/or automotive needs. Our logo is laser engraved into each bolt and plate. When combined, they provide a sleek flush look that will complement your project car build, engine bay, race car, or daily driver. Each bolt and washer is sold as a set of 4pcs and an Alen/Hex key is required for installation.

Bolt Specification:

  • A set of 4pcs
  • M5 x 14mm Thread Length
  • M6 x 14mm Thread Length
  • Plate Dimension: 19mm
  • Designed with 4mm Allen Key
  • Bolt Torque Spec: 12ft lb Max
  • Stainless Steel 304


These bolts are designed to be used mainly in and around the engine bay/interior of a vehicle. We are not responsible if used in any other areas that require a higher load of structural support. The correct 4mm Allen/hex key must be used or the Allen head will round. If not, damage may occur and removal of bolt may not be possible.

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